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Welcome to WSVM!

Welcome to our little version of time travel...  those of us who lived through the
decades of the 60s, 70 & 80s know that era's music was the Best Ever Made. The music was more than a drumbeat and unintelligible words: It was music with a message. From musical protests of the Vietnam Conflict to free-spirited tunes about sex, drugs and rock & roll. Controversial content was normally so subliminal that you didn't have to worry about explaining it to the kids.

WSVM wants your experience to be a journey of musical memories for those who experienced the times first-hand. We also want to make our presentation a fun learning adventure for those who are hearing the classics for the first time.

Now, travel back to a time when the DJ was a true personality -- "some say a rock star of sorts". Whether it's the music that captures your attention or one of our specialty programs, WSVM hopes your stay is an enjoyable one and you'll visit again soon.