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Terrorist Act Or An Act Of Fan Violence

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Terrorist Act Or An Act Of Fan Violence

A re-investigation has been ordered by Cairo criminal court concerning violence that happened on a football game which left 19 dead. Up until now many things are still unknown in this case, and one of the most important questions is whether this is a terrorist act or just a simple act of fan violence.

The crime in question happened on 8th of February 2015 on a game between Zamalek and Enppi on Air Defense Stadium in Cairo. Before the game many fans have gathered in from of the stadium, and among them there were many members of Ultras White Knights who are known as ardent supporters of Zamalek team. They were welcomed by large metal gate that was built in from of the stadium, and many people found their end at that gate.

Soon after the violence that occurred Egyptian Prosecutors accused some members of Muslim Brotherhood for coordination with ultras group in order to create violence at that place, and 16 people have been arrested and brought to the trial. Muslim Brotherhood was accused of funding ultras members which included providing explosive devices. The accused were charged for acts of murder, vandalism, possession of explosive materials and resisting authorities.

Even though there were many eyewitnesses who gave their testimonies and good quantity of evidence, Egyptian court found them not sufficient to make a decision and thus the re-investigation is ordered. Several days ago one-year anniversary of the deaths that occurred at the stadium was marked, and those responsible for those acts are still free.

To have a better understanding of this case and actions of the court we contacted one attorney who gave us an insight into this case. He said that this crime was a clear act of terrorism conducted by Muslim Brotherhood, whose strength and extremist views are well known. If this was a case of normal stadium violence, explosive materials wouldn’t have been included.

When it comes to strange actions from Egyptian court, this attorney reminded us that Muslim Brotherhood is still a strong party in Egypt and their influence is a reason for slow progression of the court trial like this .

Possible Extradition Of Dreadful Polish Killer

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Possible Extradition Of Dreadful Polish Killer

Request for extradition of Kajetan Poznanski, 27 years old Polish citizens, was upheld by a magistrate on Malta, which promises swift justice to the accused for dreadful murder he committed in Poland.

While in a court where his extradition was discussed, Poznanski remained calm, with just a glimmer of smile on several occasions. He consented to the extradition and he will be returned to Poland to face the court. Apart from this court hearing, Poznanski was also accused of filing a false report in order to leave Malta, and being in a possession of illegal knife. In this case the sentence was three months of prison, which is suspended for two years, which will help Polish court and the charges Poznanski will face there.

The victim of this murderer was a teacher of Italian, whose name is Katarzyna. Her body was found charred and decapitated in a bag in Poznanski’s apartment.

He was arrested on a base of European Arrest Warrant after he escaped from Poland and found his way to Malta through Germany. This arrest was a result of joint operation between Immigration Police, Cyber Crime Unit and Criminal Investigation Department.

There are several strange things with Poznanski, first of all, he doesn’t have any previous criminal charges, or any history of mental issues, and he was described as intelligent but private person who became introverted after his graduation.

He also had a fondness for Hannibal Lecter, cannibal murderer from movie The Silence of the Lambs, and some say this fondness bordered an obsession in his case. He also wrote a chilling poem entitled Feat of Hannibal Lecter to more view my sources.

He was also a collector of swords, Samurai swords in fact. And evidence suggests that he used one of the swords from his collection to kill and decapitate his victim.

As one  stated, this case is pretty clear, only unknown factor is sanity of the killer at the moment of killing.

Bill Cosby To Finally Face Law

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Bill Cosby To Finally Face Law

Time for punishment of Bill Cosby is apparently under the way even though there are a lot of skeptics that don’t have full trust into the law regarding cases against famous people. The progress in a case of sexual assault Bill Cosby is accused of might enter the evidence hearing after refusal of halting of criminal proceedings by the judge.

Bill Cosby is accused and charged for drugging and violating employee of Temple University back in 2004. Defense is defending Bill Cosby with apparent promise given to him by ex district attorney which assured no charges raised on this case.

Sad thing is that there are around 13 women that have been trying to bring Bill Cosby to the court for drugging and violating but his lawyers have been able to either stall or cut down those charges. It’s not up to me to say it, but if this case happened in Arizona, Criminal attorney Phoenix would bring closure to the victims faster. But that is not a case here, but not everything is lost, because Bill Cosby will face charges that could send him to up to 10 years in prison for his crimes.

Main defense of Cosby’s lawyer is based on possible political feud that led to these charges. They say that this case was created through a political feud between District attorney who refused to arrest Bill Cosby a decade ago and Kevin Steele who invoked this case in his campaign for district attorney seat last year.

Whether there will be a closure on this case or any other cases where women accused Bill Cosby on similar crimes remains to be seen. Up until now he denied all accusations, and in most cases statute of limitations has expired. Right now Bill Cosby remains free with 1 million of bail money.

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